Hey babe! As you know, I’ve been in this industry for a while, and, like you, I’ve dealt with issues like IBS, hormone imbalances, and overall struggling to figure out my health.

So when I recommend a product, you can bet that I’ve tried it, and I genuinely believe that it will be beneficial for you too!

Here are my favorite products, along with discount codes to save you some cash!

Biohm Probiotic

You already know that I take my gut health seriously. Now I want to make sure you do too! BIOHM products are scientifically backed and use premium quality ingredients to make sure we get the best probiotics out there. If you’re ready for total body health, you need to get your hands on these fantastic products that they designed specifically to address the critical roles of bacteria and fungi in gut health. 

Nutrition Dynamic for medical grade Supplements

I cannot stress the importance of quality enough. The quality of your food, the quality of your sleep, and the quality of your supplements! That’s why I partnered up with Nutrition Dynamic to get you a discount on their medical-grade supplements. Their vast array of products has you covered for everything from adrenal health to joint and bone health.

Keto Bars

Having a snack bar when you’re out and about can be a lifesaver! I like to carry at least one Genius Gourmet keto bar in my purse at all times, so if I’m out for longer than I planned, I know I have a healthy snack to hold me over until my next meal. These keto bars are absolutely delicious, and because Genius Gourmet uses wholesome ingredients, you never have to feel guilty about having one!

joint spray

All-natural products are my favorite! Since we all experience joint pain at some point, I wanted to find an all-natural product to help relieve that pain. Enter MegRelief.! Their joint pain spray is 100% natural, and it works! Whether you have a pre-existing injury, spend all day on your feet, or being active is hard on your joints, MegRelief can help you just as it’s helped me.