Hey babe! As you know, I’ve been in this industry for a while, and, like you, I’ve dealt with issues like IBS, hormone imbalances, and overall struggling to figure out my health.

So when I recommend a product, you can bet that I’ve tried it, and I genuinely believe that it will be beneficial for you too!

Here are my favorite products, along with discount codes to save you some cash!

Nutrition Dynamic for medical grade Supplements

I cannot stress the importance of quality enough. The quality of your food, the quality of your sleep, and the quality of your supplements! That’s why I partnered up with Nutrition Dynamic to get you a discount on their medical-grade supplements. Their vast array of products has you covered for everything from adrenal health to joint and bone health.

Fit love fuel
Moodup + SHowup

MoodUp is great for stabilizing Mood throughout the day and boosting serotonin levels (our happy hormones).

Meanwhile, ShowUp is a great non-stim pre-workout or an anytime drink without affecting your cortisol.

joint spray

All-natural products are my favorite! Since we all experience joint pain at some point, I wanted to find an all-natural product to help relieve that pain. Enter MegRelief.! Their joint pain spray is 100% natural, and it works! Whether you have a pre-existing injury, spend all day on your feet, or being active is hard on your joints, MegRelief can help you just as it’s helped me.